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Yogurt & Sesame Cookies (Flourless and healthy) I highly recommend this recipe …

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Yogurt & Sesame Cookies♥️
(Flourless and healthy)

I highly recommend this recipe♥️
my best so far 🤗

Festive season being around the corner, presenting to you these no flour absolutely healthy and delicious cookies or I may say baked sweets (they actually taste like that)

Recipe 🍴

• Dry roast sesame seeds and ground almonds taken in 1:1 ratio
• In a separate pan heat some ghee/unsalted clarified butter(keep the flame low)
• Add some jaggery (vollrohzucker) (depending upon how sweet you want it to be)
• Allow the jaggery to melt
• When the jaggery has melted, add in some warm unsweetened condensed milk(you can replace condensed milk with any regular/vegan milk)
• Mix it until well combine
• Now add in greek yogurt and mix it well
• Add in the roasted sesame & ground almond mixture
• Mix it well. It should have a dough like consistency
• Add in some green cardamom powder
• Allow the dough to cool and make small cookies
• Coat the cookies in sesame seeds
• In a preheated oven bake them at 180C for 20 mins or until they turn into this nice golden brown color
I can’t tell you how happy I was to create this recipe. It tasted so GOOD!!

Do give it a try!
I know you will love it 🥰

ps. You can use any sweetener in this recipe. I wanted it to have that warm taste from jaggery.

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