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Kidney Beans & Tuna Cutlets Nickname: Tuna-k Tuna-k Kebab (courtesy “Thank you…

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🤎Kidney Beans & Tuna Cutlets🤎

♥️♥️Nickname: Tuna-k Tuna-k Kebab♥️♥️ (courtesy shakti_kamal “Thank you for my name! 🥰 ” ~says Tuna-k Tuna-k Kebab😉)

I think kidney beans and tuna are like secret best friends. We don’t realize how well they go together unless we really try😉


For the mixture ~
• Take some pre-boiled kidney beans(I prefer canned ones. I wash them and pat them dry)
• Mash it slightly with a fork (you can mash it completely if you don’t like bean chunks. I like to my cutlets a little chunky)
• Add in some chopped onions, spring onions leaves and coriander. You can also add some chopped green chili if you like the heat.
• Add in 1 canned tuna (do not add the oil/water from the can)
• Add in little lime juice
• Add 1 egg to the mixture
• Put salt and pepper according to your taste

Making the cutlets~
• Heat some olive oil in a pan
• Put 2 tbsp of mixture in the pan and give it the desired shape(round/oval). That is how I like to do it and skip pre-making the patties (we are all about quick and easy 😉)
• Let the cutlets cook on medium flame on both the side until they turn slightly brown. 😍
The delicious Kidney beans and Tuna cutlets are ready !!

These are so delicious and easy to make. I had them for lunch yesterday 😍 I like to top them with some chopped coriander and red onions to add more crunch. A little mayo and tomato sauce adds in the perfect amount of tanginess!!

Perfect for those on a low carb diet 👍

Tip: If your mixture feels a little liquidy put it in fridge for some time. You can also add some flour(any) as a quick fix.

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