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Golden Milk – our “haldi doodh” went abroad got multiple appreciations & has …

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✨Golden Milk✨

– our “haldi doodh” 🤓 went abroad✈️ got multiple appreciations👏 & has finally got a citizenship!! 😉 cheers 🥂 Now likes to call itself ‘GOLDEN MILK’ 😎🌟

Recipe 🍴

• Heat a sauce pan on medium flame.
• Add two whole green cardamom and chopped nuts of your choice ( I added almonds and pistachios)
• Dry roast them till they turn slightly golden in color
• Add some ground almond(1 tbsp for 1 glass. Again the qty can be increased or decreased)
• Once the mixture is well roasted to a light brown color and release a nice warm aroma (keep stirring)
• Add milk of your choice
• Bring it to a boil
• Turn of the heat
• Add cardamom powder and sweetener of your choice (honey, sugar, stevia anything would do)
Umm Umm Ummm!!
Our super drink is ready!!

Good for cold weather, secret of glowing skin, ant-inflammatory….list goes on👍
Girls it’s anti aging too 😅💃💓

Sunshine and Shine with your golden milk ✨

ps. Acc. to the research of Indian Parents it can also protect you from 🤷‍♀️😛

Tip: If feeling fancy add few drops of rose water or rose essence to it. It tastes like rasmalai 🙈 (it tastes good when cold😋)

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