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Glazed Brussels Sprout with Bacon Recipe •Remove the tough stem and cut the …

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✨Glazed Brussels Sprout with Bacon 🥓


•Remove the tough stem and cut the Brussels Sprout in half
•Heat some olive oil in a pan
•Add bacon and cook it slightly (the quantity of bacon is your choice. You can also cut the bacon in small pieces. Let your creativity flow!!😎)
•Now add the Brussels Sprout make sure that all face the pan in same direction
•Add some roughy chopped garlic/garlic powder (I added garlic powder)
•Once they turn nice and red on one side, flip them and let them cook on the other side
• Add salt and some freshly ground pepper
• Meanwhile prepare the sauce:- (adjust the quantity acc. to your taste)
~add 1 tbsp honey
~add 1 tbsp soya sauce
~crushed garlic
~mix them
•Once the Brussels Sprouts turn well roasted on both the side add the sauce and let it coat in the sauce for 2-5 mins (adjust the time according to your quantity)

Voila!! Your glazed Brussels Sprouts with the yummy flavor of Bacon is ready 😋

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