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Alert Non Vegetarian Recipe CHC chicken Crispy Honey Chili Chicken Recipe…

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Alert 🚨 Non Vegetarian Recipe 🐓

🌶🌶CHC chicken 😋
Crispy Honey Chili Chicken 🐔

Recipe 🍴

Chicken Marinade~
• Marinade chicken in some salt, pepper powder, lemon juice, tomato sauce, soya sauce, garlic powder and some paprika powder (Kashmiri mirch would also do)
• Depending upon the time you have you can let the chicken marinate
• Coat the chicken in some cornflour. Now the choice is yours if you want to deep fry, shallow fry or just grill in the oven

Honey Chili Sauce~
• In a wok, add in some olive oil. Keep the flame high
• Add in loads of chopped garlic and some green chilies
• When the garlic releases its aroma, add in onions and capsicum cut in cubes
• Fry them for a min and add in some salt & pepper
• Add in tomato sauce, soya sauce and chili sauce
• You can also add in some oysters sauce if you have(completely optional). Add in salt and some freshly ground pepper
• In a bowl take 2 tsp of cornflour, mix it in water and add it to the wok. Cook it for 10 sec
• Add in the fried chicken
• Mix well so that the chicken is coated well
• When the chicken is almost done drizzle honey on the chicken and fry it for a min
• Turn of the Flame
• I like to add in some freshly chopped spring onions and green chili (optional)
Ready Steady Get Set GO!!
The crispy honey chili chicken is ready!!

The best companion your cocktail/mocktail has been searching all these while 😉

Enjoy ♥️

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